Everything Old is New Again

Foundations. I’ve been putting together foundational pieces for Tempest once more.

Tonight’s work includes some Photoshop work to create a new 32×32 tile set (the previous one was known obscurely as “Lost Dragon”, was ripped from molotov.nu once upon a time (which has since been repurposed), has no source online that I know of, and is generally, literally, “lost”. It’s really quite complete and nice, but it sorely lacks paperdoll sprites, allowing me to enable players to overlay their characters with equippables. So I scrapped it. (It’s still checked into my repo. Who knows, maybe one day…).

My current tileset will feature an attractive combination of well-established derivatives of sprites from various online sources. Sadly, I’m not the greatest graphic designer, plus I have just so much to deal with, that the sprites I use will be graciously donated by Google Search.

Moving along, I have also found an update to the map creator source that I used previously. It has some minor fixes, so I’ll use that as a foundation, and implement my own interface into it, enabling me to generate worlds far beyond the original intended size.

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